The Abacos: We Created 'Social Distancing'

In Abaco, it's not uncommon for you to pull up to a long beautiful stretch of beach and be the only ones there. To feel the beach is your personal playground or descovering a new piece of paradise of your own.

As kids we even named our favorite beaches as our own, especially 'No Name Cay'; as if it didn't have a name, we surely could give it one!

If another party pulls up, it's an unspoken practice (and courtesy) to give each their space and be as far apart as possible. Sometimes a general head nod is given for Hello's, and back to enjoying your moment in Paradise.

That's how we like it, visitors and residents alike. It was a long time joke that "Don't let the secret out" or people will find out about this paradise.

Wake up to your morning coffee and a view of endless white sandy beaches and shades of turquoise waters. Sometimes you may see a person strolling the beach here and there, but we generally get to enjoy an uninterrupted view.

If the beach is part of your personal property or public beach; paradise isn't far on any Abaco island. Beaches are public up to the highwater mark, and public beach access is normally not far away.

Your only companions may be the occasional bird, hermit crab or cruising sting ray. Wildlife is abundant and has been making a nice rebound since Dorian. The beaches haven't missed a beat since the storm.

Many awesome individuals have made it their mission to clean up trash and debris on their favorite beaches to make them spotless again.

It's an unspoken rule, Leave the beach, better than you found it. So pick up a few extra pieces of trash that you find when you leave and that will help keep Abaco clean!

Abaco knows how to socially distance. It's a way of life. We're on island time, and that's how we like it.

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