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New Ferry Schedule


Dear Abaco Community,

We have made several notable changes to our schedule that affect each of the destinations we service: Hope Town has a new evening run, White Sound has a new mid-day run (to help further reduce the road traffic in town), and Guana Cay has an existing run adjustment and a brand new run, which aims to alleviate the packed vessels in the mornings when tourists are trying to catch their flights. Please review this new schedule carefully and be sure to save it to your phone so you’ll always #knowbeforeyougo.

We know that these changes can sometimes be confusing, but please keep in mind we are a community ferry- not just a commuter one, and we are doing our best to meet the needs of ALL who use our services. As those needs change, we change along with them.

In an attempt to ensure that everyone is employing the most recent schedule, we are implementing a new lettering process; what this means is that each time there is a schedule change, a new letter will be assigned to that schedule- the changes made today will be known as "Schedule A". The next time there is an adjustment, we will announce it here as always, and that schedule- which will be known as "Schedule B", will replace A. And so on. Each schedule will have both the letter and the effective date at the top, and our Facebook page will ALWAYS have the most recent version prominently displayed as the header- so if you’re ever unsure you can always check back in. You can also be sure that our website or The Abaconian will have the most up to date version.

We rely on our wonderful community to help us communicate these changes to our visitors and guests and we thank you once again for all of your suggestions, input and feedback. We hope you find it’s helping us serve you better, so please keep it up!

We welcome any and all messages to sales@alburysferry.com, and thank you once again for your continued loyalty and support.

Have a great day Abaco!

Hope Town Bulletin

Hope Town, Abaco, The Bahamas