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Hope Town Bulletin: Our Growth and Future



Hope Town Bulletin started back in 2010 to be a forum for locals and residents to post questions, share information and town happenings. It has grown over the past 8 years into an advertising medium with a big following of locals, residents, second home owners, visitors and lovers of our island. Our reach has expanded past the rocky and sandy shores to even outside of The Bahamas and neighboring USA. We have become the Go-To spot for returning visitors to seek recommendations, check up on the happenings of the island and for first time visitors to see where to stay and eat and what is there to do on our island. This year we intend to grow the brand in a several outlets, so stay tuned for the growth of the brand. Businesses have been joining to advertise with Hope Town Bulletin and newly added Abaco Bulletin (Est 2015) because they see the impact it has and reach (over 11,700 people weekly and 3,100+ members) so they can specifically reach their target market. Reaching your target market is key to advertising! Why throw out money to every advertising medium and not be able to MEASURE results? You could be wasting valuable advertising dollars. Social Media advertising has the most ‘bang for your buck’ in today’s market. Hope Town Bulletin has already established that connection for you by filtering out spam accounts and making sure only true target demographic accounts are added. This filtration is pertinent to keeping the groups clean, functional and based upon our island’s target market. Hope Town Bulletin is monitored DAILY. All comments, questions, concerns and recommendations are read, and either commented on, answered or tagged to a business or person who can properly answer each question or concern. Where else can you ask for a local phone number or where to eat for lunch today and get a reply within minutes? We do our best to reply to every question, comment and inquiry within a timely manner. Keeping the pages and groups clean, responsive, and full of relatable content takes hours and dedication. This is why Hope Town Bulletin charges a monthly fee for local businesses to advertise on our groups and pages. We have kept these fees well under the market value in order to make it affordable for our locals businesses while being able to compensate for time and funds spent on making Hope Town Bulletin what it is today. Future growth is in the works, so we can continue to expand the brand, our reach and impact. If you would like your business advertising with Hope Town Bulletin, please email us at HopeTownBulletin@Gmail.com to learn more. We thank you for being a part of the journey with us! Regards, Hope Town Bulletin HopeTownBulletin@Gmail.com

Hope Town Bulletin

Hope Town, Abaco, The Bahamas