Hope Town, 10 Months Later

This picture embodies Hope Town New and Old. A bike, white picketts and Lighthouse shinning above. Thank you to Restore Hope Foundation and The Thompson Group for doing such an amazing job on this project.

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society is still Fundraising for donations to fix up the buildings on the historic grounds. They are closed to vistors until further notice untilil they can make the grounds safe again for visitors.

Thank you Hope Town United for their help in building back our Public Docks in the harbour. They are nearly completed and ready for you to tie up.

The Harbour Lodge property was demolished and being cleaned up. Last checked was still listed for sale on the market. Hope whoever buys it, is able to restore it's former glory as the Lodge will always have our memories and a piece of our hearts!

Hope Town Inn & Marina is working hard with renovations and building to be able to open again. We cannot wait to visit them when they reopen.

Downtown may be missing several historical and iconic buildings and lots of construction going on currently but it still posses it's timeless charm and beauty. The waterline is still as beautiful as ever. Rebuilding will continue while keeping with the historical look and style that made Hope Town special.

Keep following our page and website for more Recovery updates.

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