Dorian Papayas

After Dorian passed the 3 days of rain helped the island bounce back in many ways.

It washed the salt spray off everything and helped our vegetation grow back and become green again. Unlike after Hurricane Floyd in 1999, everything looked burnt for a long time after.

Papaya trees have popped up all over the island. Some by the hundreds. Now they are ripening faster than most can eat and filling us with a bounty of Dorian tasty Papayas. Just in time for lockdown too!

If you aren't familiar with a papaya, they are quite tasty. I personally eat them as I would tomatoes; in tacos, sandwiches, tuna salad, for breakfast with lime or in a smoothie. You can also eat them raw and shredded in Green Papaya salad.

The fruit is one of the fastest to produce from seed and gives a hearty harvest with very little care. They are also very nutritious medicinal plants & fruits. Every part of the plant keeps giving. Plus they are also very aesthetically pleasing in the garden. The males are beautiful with magnitude of very fragrant flowers and female trees can produce fruits of many sizes and shapes.

Hope you get to enjoy a Dorian Papaya in your yard too!

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