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Local Information

Local Knowledge

Water is Precious so please conserve water. Our water is all from rainwater or locally bought Reverse Osmosis water. Please conserve and it is safe to drink.

There is no bank on island or ATM. So best to use cards and bring cash. We are pegged to the US Dollar so we interchange USD and Bahamian Dollars. 

Power, Internet and Phones do go up and down often in the Tropics. Be prepared. Most rental homes have automatic generators now so you may not even notice if your home is equipped but some homes do not, so if that is important to you please inquire before booking.

Boating is our life here in Abaco. Be careful you know where you are going as water can go from deep to shallow rather fast but luckily our water is soo clear you can see the bottom. Tides do go up and down quite a bit so tie your boat accordingly. Tide charts on seperate tab.

Rental Golf Carts and boats go fast, so if you can reserve those early. Note we drive on the left but use International Boating Laws so right on the water. No drivers under the age of 21 allowed to drive rental carts. Rental companies will confiscate their carts if caught. 

Our grocery stores in Hope Town and Marsh are pretty equipped now a days, so no need to bring anything with you unless you need specific items or brands for allergies etc. Marsh also has pharmacies for medications.

Best to note down Emergency Numbers from our Directory and contact them if you need help 24/7. We have an on island nurse and a great Volunteer Fire & Rescue team that help out in every emergency. We couldn't do without them! Our Government clinic is open Monday-Fridays 9am-3pm and our Nurse is on call for Emergencies only.

Hope Town locals are a very friendly bunch. Willing to help out at any given notice. We are a safe island, but unfortunately with growth comes petty crime. We do get some minor theft in rental homes and boat theft so please be mindful and keep valuables stowed away upon leaving your rental.

Please note many places close on Sundays and Holidays so if arriving on a Sunday or Holiday arrange prior plans for food until stores open back up. Some places close for off-season which is generally Mid- August to around October. Check our page when close dates will be posted each season.

There are many local fishing laws and regulations. Please see our link above for local laws. No Fishing within 200 yards of land, on preserved reefs, under docks etc. No catching out of season and foreigners have certain limits on what they can catch, please read them HERE.

If you have any direct questions, feel free to email us. Also join our Facebook Hope Town Bulletin Group where you can ask locals and residents questions and receive immediate replies.

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